hedgerow Survey Hedgerows are of great importance across the UK, in our towns and cities as well as in the countryside. However, in most places we have remarkably little information on how many we have, or about their composition or structure, let alone their condition.

Our surveys focus is on the wildlife, or biodiversity, of hedgerows and recognises the importance of hedgerows for farming, and their contribution to the beauty of our countryside historically and culturally. The survey method gives accurate consistent information about the status of a hedgerow at a local level, what the main influences on their condition are, and what we need to do to restore them.

The hedgerow surveys undertaken by Tyrer Ecological Consultants can be carried out for a variety of reasons, including:

  •  Documenting the distribution, character and special attributes of hedgerows in the area.
  • Establishing the state of the hedgerows, in terms of the length and condition, to help develop policies and strategies to ensure they survive well into the future, and to enable grants to be targeted most effectively.
  • Identifying those hedgerows that are of particular importance for wildlife, landscape, cultural or historical reasons, and so particularly worthy of protection or conservation.
  • Providing a baseline to allow future changes to be detected and evaluated and to document the success or otherwise of any conservation programmes.