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Tyrer Ecological Consultants are a well-established and expanding ecological consultancy based in Formby on the beautiful Sefton Coast, and directed by Kylee Wilding who is at the helm of the company. Having been established since 1995, amalgamating decades of experience, Tyrer Ecological Consultants is the most established and experienced company, in relation to bats, in the North West of England.

The presence of protected species, habitats and sites at a development site can cause unwanted and costly delays if not addressed correctly. Here at Tyrer Ecological Consultants, we always advise clients to commission surveys at an early stage when considering or as soon as they have purchased a site.  To this end, we conduct an initial assessment to identify potential and/or evidence of use by a protected species, and compile a thorough but concise report suitable to submit with Planning Applications which contains all relevant ecological detail.

Our surveys are undertaken by a suite of highly skilled and friendly ecologists, with a tremendous range of experience and whom are appropriately licenced for many species. Our staff always deliver service with a smile, and are proficient, our surveyors have been associated with Tyrer Ecological Consultants for many years and we deliver our surveys within budget and agreed timescales; which is particularly useful at peak survey times when clients need a quick response and turnaround of surveys.

We have a vast wealth of experience and a wide range of regular clients, which includes a number of large and smaller-scale developers, local authorities, the Highways Agency, Welsh Assembly and National Trust as examples. 


We are based in Formby, Merseyside which is conveniently located for the North West of England and beyond. Surveys have been undertaken throughout Merseyside, Lancashire, Cheshire, Shropshire, Derbyshire, Midlands, Manchester, Cumbria, North/South Wales and Isle of Man and Ireland.

Tyrer Ecological undertake full ecological surveys including all protected species, Phase 1, Extended Phase 1 Habitat surveys, aerial tree inspections and ornithological surveys.  We also undertake and are fully trained in bridge and culvert surveying and hold appropriate Confined Space Certification.


Wildlife Legislation and species conservation are one of the many services provided along with a full service which will see clients projects to completion, including mitigation strategies, roost/wildlife enhancements and protected species licence applications where they are required.

Meet The Team

We are a well established ecological consultancy and undertake full ecological surveys for all protected species, which include bat surveys, Preliminary Ecological Assesments (PEA), aerial tree inspections and ornithological surveys.  We also undertake and are fully trained in bridge and culvert surveying and hold appropriate Confined Space Certification.

Kylee Wilding
Josh Styles
Senior Ecologist 

I have been involved with ecological consultancy work for 10 years, priding myself on delivering concise and objective reporting to our many clients within the appropriate time scales. I hold a Natural England Class 2 Bat License, Barn Owl Survey Class License and Natural Resources Wales Bat License. I have completed numerous successful European Protected Species Mitigation Licenses (EPSML) for a variety of bat species, and have been involved in obtaining licenses for the destruction of badger setts. I’m regularly involved with protected species surveys / survey techniques and mitigation schemes; during the bat survey season I enjoy coordinating our immediate and extending team through the dusk / dawn emergence / re-entry surveys, and am fully competent in the use of a variety of survey equipment and software analysis.


Experienced in PEA, EcIA, botanical (including NVC and bryophyte surveys), bat, ornithological, amphibian and reptile surveys and have previously led botanical surveys with Natural England. I have Graduated with a 1st class degree in BSc Ecology and with the study prize for highest aggregate grade within the Faculty of Arts & Sciences at Edge Hill University. I am a life-long and highly experienced botanist (FISC level 5); as well as consultancy, I have extensive experience in ecological research and practical conservation and have been awarded two academic achievement awards, an excellence scholarship and chancellors scholarship during my stay at Edge Hill University in recognition of my contribution to biological recording and to wildlife conservation in general.

I have a masters degree in Conservation Management following on from my degree in Rural Resource Management and achieved the student of the year award. With seven years’ experience in ecological consultancy I’m well versed in conducting preliminary ecological assessments and protected species surveys; taking on projects from inception to completion. I hold a Class 2 Natural England Bat License and have extensive experience in bat survey methods; design and implementation of mitigation schemes as well as on site supervision having completed numerous EPS licenses. I am an active VBRV for Natural England holding a Class 1 Licence and active within the UK bat care network.


I am licensed by Natural England to survey for protected amphibians and reptiles, namely Great Crested Newt, Sand Lizard and Natterjack Toad. I have considerable experience in protected species surveys in both urban and rural settings, in building demolition supervision, tree inspections and in conducting full ecological appraisals; my recent accolades include ‘Wildlife Champion’ for the Lancashire Wildlife Trust as well as attaining national recognition by the National Biodiversity Network, earning ‘Highly Commended in the Gilbert White Adult Award for Terrestrial & Freshwater Biological Recording’.

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Meet The Team

kylee (2).jpg
Kylee Wilding

I have worked within the ecology sector as both an ecological consultant and now company director holding over 12 year’s consultancy experience. I  pride myself and Tyrer as a business on delivering an efficient service with concise and objective reporting, ensuring that quality assured ecological survey reports are submitted to our clients to support their planning applications.   We as a business have widespread experience in providing highly recommended ecological services, and have produced a wide-ranging number of ecological reports which has resulted in our clients achieving their planning consent.


I have completed a multitude of successful European Protected Species Mitigation License applications for a number of bat species, from small roosts to large and complex colonies. Specialising in this group, I am fully proficient in identifying and analysing bat calls both in the field and using bespoke software packages and have devised numerous successful tailored mitigation schemes to suit our clients developments whilst ensuring provision for roost longevity is achieved for the specific species which we are mitigating for.  I have also been involved in licensing for other species, including badger, water vole and otter.


I am extremely proud of our ecology team, including a mix of permanent staff and sub-contractors, and keep our employees up to date with all their training needs, being dedicated to maintaining the highest standards.


In my spare time I enjoy keeping fit and can often be found running or cycling along the Sefton coast, with a bit of hiking or caving thrown in for good measure !

Licences: Class 2 Bat License, Barn owl survey class license, NRW Bat License

Rosalind King 
Senior Ecologist

Ros has over 13 years experience in the ecological field, both as a consultant and as a council ecologist. She has worked across the country on diverse projects ranging from great crested newt translocations in Wales to dormice surveys in the south west and reptile surveys in Scotland. She has experience of a variety of ecological surveys including badger, bats, reptiles, National Vegetation Classification, water voles plus nesting and wintering birds. During her time at the council, she worked extensively on Habitats Regulations Assessments to support Local Council Development Plan Documents, together with the review of ecology reports submitted to support planning applications and surveys to monitor designation features of Local Wildlife Sites.

She has over 5 years experience as a Senior Ecologist, managing projects from tender phase through to development licence applications, supervision of works and design of long-term ecological management plans. Recently she has been involved in advising developers on the upcoming Biodiversity Metric, attending offices to provide seminars on how they would need to integrate the metric into their work once The Environment Bill is live. 

In her spare time, Ros enjoys sharing her ecological knowledge with primary school children through running afterschool science programs at her local school and being involved in the local Scout group. She actively managed her Local Nature Reserve woodland, being secretary in her local ‘Friends of’ group. Her interests include wild swimming, baking cakes and keeping her flock of chickens out of her vegetable patch.


Licences: Natural England Class 1 Great Crested Newt licence, Natural Resources Wales Great Crested Newt licence

Josh Styles
Senior Ecologist 

Josh is a highly experienced ecologist with an ability to complete a diverse range of ecological surveys, including specialist botanical surveys, being one of less than 30 individuals in the country (and the youngest) to have achieved a FISC Level 6, indicating an individual with ‘excellent botanical identification skills’. He is one of few individuals nationally that has successfully secured licences for specially protected Schedule 8-listed plants.

During his stay at university, Josh managed to secure a 1st class degree in BSc Ecology, alongside multiple awards including the study award for the highest aggregate grading across the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, a Chancellor’s Scholarship, Excellence Scholarship and successive academic achievement awards.

In his spare time, Josh runs the award-winning North-West Rare Plant Initiative, a conservation programme he has established for northwest England with support from Chester Zoo and the Wildlife Trust, and is also engaged in occasional broadcasting work and a part-time master’s degree at Manchester Metropolitan University.

Licences: Field Wormwood and Floating Water-plantain Science and Conservation Licence

Mark Pritchard

Mark joined Tyrer in late 2017 and swiftly progressed from Junior Ecologist to Consultant, having previously completed a Traineeship as an Ecological Recording Officer (Merseyside) for Lanc’s Wildlife Trust, experience working for industry leading consultancies and having attained a Countryside & Conservation degree with Harper Adams. Mark offers a broad range of skills and experience at Tyrer with key competencies in Ecological survey techniques (multiple taxa and types), QGIS, Ecological clerk of works (ECoW), formulating EPS mitigation licences, document/report design, database management, commercial outreach and most recently Biodiversity Net-gain strategies using the NE Metric 2.0, with one LPA describing a project Mark implemented as ‘an example of how it should be done’.


Outside of consultancy, Mark is a naturalist and a member of several local wildlife groups in Merseyside including Merseyside Biobank Active Naturalists (MBAN), North Merseyside Amphibian & Reptile Group (NMARG) and Merseyside West Lancashire Bat Group (MWLBG). In 2017, Mark achieved the ‘Wildlife Champion of the Year’ for the Lancashire Wildlife Trust and was ‘Highly Commended’ in the Gilbert White Adult Award for Terrestrial & Freshwater Biological Recording’. Mark achieved a FISC level 3 in 2019, and is looking to build upon his botanical skills and habitat condition assessment in 2021.

Licences: Great Crested Newt Survey licence (Capture, Take, Disturb)  (England and Wales) and Natterjack Toad & Sand Lizard Survey licences (Capture, Take, Disturb)  (England).

Jonathan Pescod
Junior Ecologist

Johnny has been working as an ecological consultant for 3 years, travelling up and down the country spending most of his time out in the field before coming back to Liverpool to join Tyrer. He completed a Masters in Animal Behaviour and Bachelors in Zoology at the University of Liverpool before deciding to try his hand at ecology, and has since worked on his field skills considerably; he is experienced undertaking Phase 1 habitat surveys, reptile surveys, and bat surveys, but has an ever growing interest in and knowledge of birds and plants! Every year has brought new challenges and opportunities to learn, and since joining Tyrer Johnny has taken full advantage of the team’s collective knowledge to grow as an ecologist. As well as being a confident field surveyor Johnny is skilled in GIS mapping, report writing, and providing species specific mitigation recommendations.

In his spare time Johnny enjoys bouldering and hiking and uses the time outdoors to provide biological records for all over the place on a voluntary basis, and is a member of a number of local and national wildlife groups including Merseyside Biobank Active Naturalists and the Woodland Trust.

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