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Ecological Impact Assessment (EcIA)

Ecological Impact Assessment (EcIA) is the process of identifying, quantifying and evaluating the potential impacts of defined actions on ecosystems or their components. If properly implemented, it provides a scientifically defensible approach to ecosystem management.

An EcIA considers the potential effects of a development on habitats and species, notably those protected by national and international legislation or those that are considered to be of a specific nature of conservation importance. EcIA is an integral part of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), but can also be usefully employed on any development project to identify significant ecological impacts.

Where ecological impacts are identified, Tyrer Ecological Consultants Ltd can assist with required recommendations or necessary amendments to the development design which will avoid significant harm to biodiversity; the EcIA is undertaken to provide the client with clear and concise information about the likely significant ecological effects associated with a project, and will determine the level of mitigation that may be required.

Our specialist consultants have extensive experience in preparing ecological reports for Environmental Impact Assessment and in the preparation of Environmental Statements.


The acquisition of planning consent for development is often dependent on the findings of such reports, as the decision to grant permission is reliant on the requirements of protected species and key habitats being met.

Our diverse background working across a range of industries including research, practical and consultancy and in the commercial sector enables us to thoroughly evaluate the scope of survey and the correct methodology that should be applied to each project.


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