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Hedgerow Survey

Hedgerows are of great importance across the UK, in our towns and cities as well as in the countryside. However, in most places we have remarkably little information on how many we have, or about their composition or structure, let alone their condition.

Over the recent past, Britain and Ireland has lost a considerable area of hedgerow, and many are recognised as priority habitats across the UK, a material consideration in the planning process. To this end, we are able to offer hedgerow surveys to quantify the existing wildlife value of hedges on various sites, and also advise on management, avoidance, mitigation and compensation strategies.

Alongside their priority habitat status across the UK, some important hedgerows receive a degree of protection from the Hedgerow Regulations 1997, whose primary objective is to secure the retention of countryside hedgerows, including those of high biodiversity value. This can be quantified by a combination of length, continuity of the hedge and species composition.

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