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Tyrer - Autumn 2020 newsletter

Tyrer Newsletter Edition 1 - Autumn 2020
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This is the first ever Edition of our new tri-monthly #newsletters, where we aim to provide our client base, email subscribers and website visitors with a brief recap of what is going on in the world of #TyrerEcologicalConsultantsLtd. In addition, it will draw attention to wider issues in the #naturalworld and aims to give readers an occasional, convenient and fun to read insight into:

- Company day-to-day functions at #Tyrer, including existing and past case studies, success stories, lessons learnt, incredible #wildlife moments, staff blogs and more,

- A reminder of the seasonal #ecological calendar and what services are available for the current #survey window,

- Industry insights, interesting literature, journals, essential reading and must-watch media,

- Essential updates in the world of #protectedspecies, #legislation and the planning system,

- Key news, topics, questions and answers from the world of #Ecology.

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