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Hibernation season is now here...

At this time of year bats are now within their #hibernation season; during this time body temperatures lower and their metabolic rate slows to reduce energy expenditure. Bats will survive during this period on fat they have stored up, however, when the weather is milder they will come out to feed or drink; during hibernation bats need roosts that are cool and at a consistent temperature.

During involvement at one of our sites this year our dusk surveys revealed a property was being used as a satellite roost for #BrownLongEared bats, furthermore, a cellar was present which subsequently identified potential for hibernation, with evidence of use located. A license application has been applied for to #NaturalEngland to modify and improve the roost for this species, however, due to #Covid restrictions and #BatConservationTrust (BCT) guidelines specific hibernation surveys can not be undertaken at this time, thus, work will be timed outside of this period and we have now instated a bespoke hibernation #batbox which has now been installed on a tree within the grounds to offer this provision once the building work has been completed.

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